"If you have given the perfume to a store assistant to check and they find no faults it could be that you are used to the fragrance and you might not be able to smell it on yourself anymore, like your own smell, or the smell of your own home might not be noticeable to you but you will walk into someone's house and it has a distinctive smell. This is a good time to suggest try another fragrance that you might not be familiar with."

"We have recently updated most of our fragrance names and so there could be a different name on the bottle than what you are used to. The fragrance scent has not been changed at all, just the name. We have added a FRAGRANCE LIST onto our website for you to refer to the original, old & new fragrance names."

"Our perfumes generally last 8 hours or more depending on which fragrance you spray, the activities and weather. If sprayed on your clothes it tends to last for many hours and even days. The fabric keeps the fragrance oil attached for longer than skin that sweats or sheds."

Yes our perfumes contain a high concentration of essential oils imported from the finest perfumeries in France.

"Light and temperature can cause colour to change due to the natural oils contained in the perfume. Store perfume at room temperature and out of the light and sun.

Air can corrode perfume - as our perfumes contain oils from nature the same effect may occur as it does to an apple that has been bitten into, it starts to turn brown when it is exposed to the air. This will depend on the ingredients in some perfumes. For example perfumes with vanilla tend to change colour over time."

"We keep our costs low by doing everything in house. We keep our marketing costs low, we don’t use models and TV ads to promote our products, we rely on word of mouth."

"We do not know how or where they get there perfumes from but our perfumes contain a high concentration of essential oils imported from the finest perfumeries in France. And we select the most expensive ingredients and complex.

At The Perfume Garden we have selected a perfume manufacturer that uses the finest oils, the highest grade and first press, we include expensive oils like opium oil which other manufacturers will leave out to make their perfumes cheaper so their smell is less complex and not as close to the original perfume."

"Yes it is possible to mix your perfumes to create a unique smell, this is trial and error as not all perfumes will combine well together, the customer will have to work on the combination to see what works."